Jaren Lewison Movies and Shows

Jaren Lewison is a talented actor who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. From his early days in Barney & Friends to his breakout role in the hit Netflix series Never Have I Ever, Lewison has proven himself to be a versatile and captivating performer. In this article, we will explore some of the movies and shows that have showcased Lewison’s talent and contributed to his rising star status.

Never Have I Ever

One of Jaren Lewison’s most notable roles is that of Ben Gross in the popular Netflix series Never Have I Ever. The show, created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, follows the life of Devi Vishwakumar, a first-generation Indian American teenager navigating the ups and downs of high school. Lewison’s character, Ben, is a fellow student and academic rival of Devi’s who becomes an unexpected love interest.

Lewison’s portrayal of Ben is both charming and nuanced. He brings a depth of emotion to the character, capturing Ben’s vulnerability and insecurities while also showcasing his intelligence and wit. Lewison’s chemistry with his co-stars, particularly Maitreyi Ramakrishnan who plays Devi, is undeniable, making their on-screen interactions a joy to watch.

Barney & Friends

Before his breakout role in Never Have I Ever, Jaren Lewison got his start in the entertainment industry with a role in the beloved children’s television series Barney & Friends. The show, which originally aired from 1992 to 2009, follows the adventures of Barney, a purple dinosaur, and his group of friends.

Lewison’s time on Barney & Friends allowed him to develop his acting skills at a young age. He appeared in several episodes of the show, showcasing his natural talent and charisma. While his role on the show may have been smaller compared to his later projects, it was a stepping stone that laid the foundation for his future success.

Away and Back

In the 2015 Hallmark Hall of Fame movie Away and Back, Jaren Lewison plays the role of Jeff, the son of a widowed farmer. The film tells the heartwarming story of a family of swans that takes up residence on the farm, bringing with them unexpected challenges and opportunities for healing.

Lewison’s performance in Away and Back demonstrates his ability to bring emotional depth to his characters. He captures the complexities of Jeff’s relationship with his father and the transformative impact of the swans on their lives. His portrayal is both relatable and touching, further showcasing his talent as an actor.

Day 2018

Day 2018 is a short film that stars Jaren Lewison as the lead character, Day. The film tells the story of a young man who wakes up to find that the world has ended, and he is the only one left. As Day navigates this dystopian landscape, he must confront his own fears and loneliness.

Lewison’s performance in Day 2018 is captivating and intense. He effectively conveys Day’s emotions, from his initial confusion and disbelief to his eventual acceptance of his new reality. Through his subtle and nuanced acting, Lewison brings depth and authenticity to the character, making the film a compelling watch.

90 Feet from Home

In the 2019 drama film 90 Feet from Home, Jaren Lewison portrays the character of Scott Conway, a troubled young man who returns to his hometown after a difficult childhood. The film explores themes of forgiveness, redemption, and the power of second chances.

Lewison’s performance in 90 Feet from Home is powerful and emotionally charged. He effectively conveys Scott’s internal struggles and his journey towards self-discovery and healing. Through his nuanced portrayal, Lewison showcases his range as an actor, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Bad Fairy

Jaren Lewison stars in the 2022 fantasy film Bad Fairy as the character of Henry. The film follows the story of a young girl named Astrid who discovers that she is a fairy with dangerous powers. As Astrid tries to navigate her newfound abilities, she must also contend with dark forces that threaten her and those she loves.

Lewison’s performance in Bad Fairy is captivating and enchanting. He brings a sense of charm and mystery to the character of Henry, adding depth to the film’s narrative. His chemistry with his co-stars, particularly the young actress portraying Astrid, adds an extra layer of magic to the story.

Men, Women and Children

In the 2014 drama film Men, Women and Children, Jaren Lewison has a supporting role as Chris Truby. The film explores the impact of technology and the internet on the lives of various individuals and families. It delves into themes of love, relationships, and the struggle to find genuine connection in a digital age.

Lewison’s performance in Men, Women and Children is understated yet impactful. He effectively portrays Chris’s vulnerability and longing for connection in a world that is increasingly disconnected. Through his subtle acting choices, Lewison adds depth to the character and contributes to the film’s thought-provoking narrative.

Beyond the Farthest Star

Beyond the Farthest Star is a 2013 drama film in which Jaren Lewison plays the role of Adam. The film tells the story of a family whose lives are upended when a famous preacher comes to town and exposes the dark secrets hiding beneath their seemingly perfect facade.

Lewison’s performance in Beyond the Farthest Star is compelling and emotionally charged. He effectively conveys Adam’s struggles with his family’s secrets and his journey towards acceptance and forgiveness. Through his nuanced portrayal, Lewison adds depth and complexity to the film’s narrative, making it a captivating watch.

Barney: Big World Adventure

In the 2011 children’s television special Barney: Big World Adventure, Jaren Lewison reprised his role as a cast member of Barney & Friends. The special takes Barney and his friends on a global adventure, exploring different countries and cultures along the way.

Lewison’s appearance in Barney: Big World Adventure is a testament to the impact of his earlier role on Barney & Friends. It showcases his growth as an actor and his ability to engage young audiences. His enthusiasm and charm shine through, making the special an entertaining and educational experience for children.

In conclusion, Jaren Lewison’s filmography is a testament to his talent and versatility as an actor. From his early days on Barney & Friends to his breakout role in Never Have I Ever, Lewison has consistently delivered captivating performances that have left a lasting impact on audiences. Whether he is portraying complex characters in dramatic films or bringing joy to young viewers, Lewison’s talent shines through. As his career continues to flourish, we can expect to see more impressive performances from this rising star.

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