Jessica Henwick Movies and TV Shows

Jessica Henwick is a talented actress known for her roles in both movies and TV shows. Her diverse range and captivating performances have made her a popular choice among audiences. In this article, we will explore some of Jessica Henwick’s notable works, from her appearances in Iron Fist and Game of Thrones to her upcoming projects such as The Matrix 4 and Blade Runner: Black Lotus.

Jessica Henwick Movies and TV Shows

Iron Fist (2017-2018)

One of Jessica Henwick’s most notable roles is that of Colleen Wing in the Marvel series Iron Fist. The show follows the journey of Danny Rand, a martial arts expert who returns to New York City after being presumed dead. Henwick’s portrayal of Colleen Wing, a skilled martial artist and ally to Danny Rand, was highly praised by both critics and fans. Her character’s depth and complexity added an extra layer of intrigue to the series.

The Royal Hotel

In the upcoming TV show The Royal Hotel, Jessica Henwick is set to star alongside other talented actors. The series revolves around the lives of the staff and guests at a luxurious hotel. Henwick’s role in the show has yet to be revealed, but her involvement in the project has already generated a lot of excitement among her fans. The Royal Hotel promises to be a captivating drama with a star-studded cast.

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Love and Monsters

Love and Monsters is a post-apocalyptic adventure film in which Jessica Henwick plays a supporting role. The movie is set in a world where monsters have taken over, and the remaining human survivors must navigate through dangerous territories. Henwick’s performance in Love and Monsters showcases her ability to bring depth and emotion to even the smallest of roles. Her on-screen chemistry with the other actors adds an extra layer of authenticity to the film.

The Matrix 4

One of the most highly anticipated projects in Jessica Henwick’s career is her role in The Matrix 4. The movie is a continuation of the iconic Matrix franchise and brings back original cast members alongside new additions. While details about Henwick’s character are being kept under wraps, her involvement in such a beloved and groundbreaking series is a testament to her talent and rising star power. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of The Matrix 4 to see Henwick in action.

Underwater (film)

In the thrilling sci-fi film Underwater, Jessica Henwick stars alongside Kristen Stewart and Vincent Cassel. The movie follows a group of researchers who find themselves trapped in an underwater facility after an earthquake. Henwick’s performance in Underwater showcases her ability to handle intense and suspenseful scenes. Her character’s determination and resourcefulness make her a standout in the film.

The Gray Man

The Gray Man is an upcoming action thriller film directed by the Russo brothers. Jessica Henwick will be joining an impressive cast that includes Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. The movie revolves around a freelance assassin and former CIA operative who is pursued by a former colleague. Henwick’s involvement in such a high-profile project further solidifies her status as a rising star in the industry.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is a spin-off of the popular murder mystery film Knives Out. Jessica Henwick has been cast in a yet-to-be-revealed role in the upcoming series. The show will continue the tradition of intricate plots and unexpected twists that made the original film so beloved. Henwick’s inclusion in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery only adds to the anticipation surrounding the series.

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Game of Thrones

Jessica Henwick’s portrayal of Nymeria Sand in the hit TV show Game of Thrones showcased her ability to bring complex and fierce characters to life. As a member of the Sand Snakes, a group of warrior women, Henwick’s performance was both captivating and memorable. Her portrayal of Nymeria’s strength and determination earned her praise from both fans and critics alike.

The Defenders

In the Marvel series The Defenders, Jessica Henwick reprised her role as Colleen Wing from Iron Fist. The show brought together the characters from various Marvel Netflix series, including Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. Henwick’s character played a vital role in the formation of the superhero team known as The Defenders. Her chemistry with the other actors and her action sequences were highlights of the series.

Bus Girl

Bus Girl is an upcoming film in which Jessica Henwick will star as the lead character. The movie tells the story of a young woman who embarks on a life-changing journey after a chance encounter on a bus. Henwick’s involvement in Bus Girl showcases her ability to carry a film and bring depth to complex characters. The movie promises to be a thought-provoking and emotional ride.

Marvel’s Luke Cage

In the Marvel series Luke Cage, Jessica Henwick made a guest appearance as Colleen Wing, further establishing her connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Her character’s crossover into the Luke Cage series was well-received by fans, who enjoyed seeing her interact with the other characters in the show. Henwick’s performance added an extra layer of excitement to the already thrilling series.

On the Rocks (film)

On the Rocks is a comedy-drama film directed by Sofia Coppola, in which Jessica Henwick has a supporting role. The movie follows a young mother who reconnects with her larger-than-life playboy father in New York City. Henwick’s performance in On the Rocks showcases her ability to handle both comedic and dramatic scenes with ease. Her chemistry with the other actors adds an extra layer of charm to the film.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

One of Jessica Henwick’s earliest breakthrough roles was in the blockbuster film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. She played the character of X-wing pilot Jessika Pava, also known as “Testor.” Henwick’s appearance in the Star Wars franchise helped catapult her career and introduced her to a wider audience. Her portrayal of Jessika Pava showcased her talent and charisma, leaving audiences wanting to see more of her on the big screen.


Newness is a romantic drama film in which Jessica Henwick has a supporting role. The movie explores the complexities of modern dating and relationships in the digital age. Henwick’s performance in Newness adds depth and nuance to the film. Her character’s journey through love and self-discovery resonates with audiences, making the movie a relatable and thought-provoking watch.

Cuckoo 2023

Cuckoo 2023 is an upcoming TV series in which Jessica Henwick will star as one of the main characters. The show is set in a dystopian future where society has been divided into three classes. Henwick’s involvement in the series promises to showcase her versatility as an actress and her ability to bring complex characters to life. Cuckoo 2023 is highly anticipated by both fans and critics alike.

Blade Runner: Black Lotus

Blade Runner: Black Lotus is an animated TV series set in the Blade Runner universe. Jessica Henwick will be lending her voice to one of the main characters in the series. The show explores the future of Los Angeles in the year 2032 and delves into the mysteries surrounding the Blade Runner universe. Henwick’s voice acting skills and ability to bring depth to her characters will undoubtedly shine through in this exciting project.

Blood of Zeus

Blood of Zeus is an animated series in which Jessica Henwick provides the voice for one of the main characters. The show follows a young man who discovers he is the son of Zeus and embarks on a journey to save heaven and earth. Henwick’s voice acting talents bring life and emotion to her character, adding an extra layer of depth to the series. Blood of Zeus is a must-watch for fans of Greek mythology and epic storytelling.


Jessica Henwick’s filmography is filled with a diverse range of roles, showcasing her talent and versatility as an actress. From her appearances in Iron Fist and Game of Thrones to her upcoming projects such as The Matrix 4 and Blade Runner: Black Lotus, Henwick continues to impress audiences with her captivating performances. Whether she’s playing a fierce warrior or a complex character in a romantic drama, Henwick’s talent shines through, making her a rising star to watch out for in the entertainment industry.

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