Lauren Lapkus Movies and TV Shows

Lauren Lapkus is a talented actress known for her diverse roles in movies and TV shows. From comedy to drama, she has showcased her versatility and comedic timing in a wide range of projects. In this article, we will explore some of the most notable films and television series that feature Lauren Lapkus. Whether you’re a fan or simply curious about her work, this guide will give you a comprehensive overview of her career in the entertainment industry.

The Wrong Missy

One of the recent movies that put Lauren Lapkus in the spotlight is “The Wrong Missy.” Released in 2020, this comedy film follows the story of Tim Morris, played by David Spade, who unknowingly invites the wrong woman on a company retreat. Lauren Lapkus plays the role of Missy, a free-spirited and eccentric woman who creates chaos wherever she goes. Her hilarious portrayal of Missy adds a comedic touch to the film and showcases her talent for physical comedy and improvisation. “The Wrong Missy” is a must-watch for fans of Lauren Lapkus and anyone looking for a laugh-out-loud comedy.

The Out-Laws

Moving on to television, one of the notable TV shows that Lauren Lapkus has been a part of is “The Out-Laws.” This dark comedy series revolves around the lives of four sisters who decide to take matters into their own hands after their brother-in-law’s death. Lauren Lapkus portrays the character of Greta, one of the sisters, who is known for her quirky personality and sharp wit. Her performance in “The Out-Laws” demonstrates her ability to balance humor with depth, making her character relatable and memorable. If you’re a fan of dark comedies with a touch of mystery, “The Out-Laws” is a show worth adding to your watchlist.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow

For fans of horror movies, “The Curse of Bridge Hollow” is a film that features Lauren Lapkus in a different genre. In this supernatural horror flick, Lapkus plays the role of Sarah, a young woman who moves to a small town and uncovers a dark secret that haunts the community. Her performance in “The Curse of Bridge Hollow” showcases her versatility as an actress, as she navigates the suspenseful and chilling atmosphere of the movie. If you’re in the mood for a scare and want to see Lauren Lapkus in a different light, this horror film is a must-watch.

The Big Bang Theory

Moving on to one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, “The Big Bang Theory” features Lauren Lapkus in a recurring role. In the show, she portrays the character of Denise, a geology student who becomes friends with the main characters. Lapkus brings her signature comedic timing to the role, delivering witty one-liners and memorable moments throughout her appearances on the show. “The Big Bang Theory” is a beloved series that has garnered a massive fan base, and Lapkus’ contributions to the show add to its comedic charm.

Good Girls

Another TV series that showcases Lauren Lapkus’ talent is “Good Girls.” This crime comedy-drama follows the lives of three suburban mothers who turn to a life of crime to make ends meet. Lapkus plays the role of Phoebe Donnegan, a quirky and eccentric character who adds a comedic element to the show. Her performance in “Good Girls” highlights her ability to bring humor to even the most intense and dramatic moments. If you enjoy shows that blend comedy and drama seamlessly, “Good Girls” is a series that should be on your radar.

Blended (film)

In the romantic comedy film “Blended,” Lauren Lapkus takes on a supporting role, adding her unique brand of humor to the movie. Starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, “Blended” tells the story of two single parents who end up on vacation together with their respective families. Lapkus portrays the character of Tracy, a coworker of Jim (played by Sandler) who provides comic relief and hilarious moments throughout the film. Her performance in “Blended” showcases her ability to shine even in smaller roles, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Jurassic World 2015

In the blockbuster hit “Jurassic World,” Lauren Lapkus has a brief but memorable appearance. The film is a continuation of the iconic “Jurassic Park” franchise and takes place years after the events of the original film. Lapkus plays the role of Vivian, an employee at the Jurassic World theme park who interacts with the main characters during their visit. While her role may be small, her comedic timing and delivery of lines add a touch of humor to the intense and action-packed movie. “Jurassic World” is a must-see for fans of the franchise, and Lapkus’ performance is a delightful addition to the film.

Orange Is the New Black

Another TV series that features Lauren Lapkus is the critically acclaimed “Orange Is the New Black.” This drama series revolves around the lives of inmates in a women’s prison and tackles various social issues. Lapkus portrays the character of Susan Fischer, a prison counselor who interacts with the main characters throughout the series. Her performance in “Orange Is the New Black” showcases her ability to tackle more serious and complex roles, bringing depth and vulnerability to her character. If you’re a fan of thought-provoking dramas with an ensemble cast, this series is a must-watch.

Between Two Ferns: The Movie

For fans of comedy and satire, “Between Two Ferns: The Movie” is a film that features Lauren Lapkus in a supporting role. Based on the popular web series of the same name, the movie follows the journey of Zach Galifianakis as he embarks on a road trip to interview celebrities for his talk show. Lapkus plays the role of Carol Hunch, a producer who accompanies Galifianakis on his comedic adventures. Her performance in “Between Two Ferns: The Movie” adds to the comedic chemistry of the cast and showcases her ability to deliver quick-witted humor.

Crashing (American TV series)

In the HBO series “Crashing,” Lauren Lapkus has a recurring role that highlights her comedic talents. The show follows the life of Pete Holmes, a stand-up comedian who navigates the ups and downs of the comedy scene. Lapkus portrays the character of Jess, a fellow comedian and friend of Pete, who provides comedic relief and memorable moments throughout the series. Her chemistry with the cast and ability to deliver hilarious punchlines make her character a fan favorite. If you’re a fan of witty and relatable comedy series, “Crashing” is a show you shouldn’t miss.

The Unicorn 2018

In the sitcom “The Unicorn,” Lauren Lapkus plays a supporting role that adds humor and heart to the show. The series centers around a widower, played by Walton Goggins, who is suddenly thrust into the world of dating again. Lapkus portrays the character of Michelle, a close friend of the main character’s late wife, who provides comedic moments and emotional support throughout the series. Her performance in “The Unicorn” showcases her ability to balance comedy and genuine emotion, making her character a memorable addition to the show.

Holmes and Watson

Last but not least, we have “Holmes and Watson,” a comedy film that stars Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly as the iconic detective duo. Lauren Lapkus appears in a supporting role as Millie, a character who gets caught up in the comical antics of Holmes and Watson. Her comedic timing and ability to deliver hilarious lines shine through in this film, adding to the overall comedic charm. While “Holmes and Watson” received mixed reviews, Lapkus’ performance is a bright spot that fans of her work will appreciate.

In conclusion, Lauren Lapkus has showcased her talent and versatility in a wide range of movies and TV shows. From comedy to drama, she has proven her ability to bring characters to life and captivate audiences with her unique brand of humor. Whether you’re a fan or simply curious about her work, the films and TV shows mentioned in this article provide a comprehensive overview of her career. So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the many talents of Lauren Lapkus on your next movie or TV show marathon.

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