The Most Underrated TV Shows to Binge-Watch in 2023

Are you tired of scrolling through Netflix, searching for the next great TV show to binge-watch? Look no further! In this article, I will introduce you to some of the most underrated TV shows that deserve your attention in 2023. From heartwarming comedies to gripping dramas, these hidden gems will keep you entertained for hours on end. So grab your popcorn, settle in, and get ready to discover your new favorite shows!

Schitt’s Creek

“Schitt’s Creek” is a Canadian sitcom that follows the story of the wealthy Rose family as they lose their fortune and are forced to live in a small town they once bought as a joke. Created by Eugene Levy and his son Daniel Levy, this show has gained a cult following for its quirky characters, witty writing, and heartwarming moments.

The chemistry between the cast members, including Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, and Daniel Levy, is truly remarkable. Each episode is filled with hilarious and heartfelt moments that will leave you wanting more. Despite its critical acclaim, “Schitt’s Creek” remains an underrated gem that deserves to be binge-watched by TV lovers everywhere.

Peaky Blinders

If you’re in the mood for a gripping period drama, look no further than “Peaky Blinders.” Set in post-World War I Birmingham, England, this show tells the story of the Shelby crime family and their rise to power in the city’s underworld. With its stunning cinematography, compelling storytelling, and stellar performances, “Peaky Blinders” is a must-watch for any fan of crime dramas.

Cillian Murphy delivers a captivating performance as the show’s protagonist, Thomas Shelby. His portrayal of the complex and ruthless gang leader is nothing short of mesmerizing. The show’s attention to detail, from the costumes to the set design, immerses viewers in the gritty world of 1920s Birmingham. If you’re looking for a show that combines action, suspense, and a touch of historical realism, “Peaky Blinders” is the perfect choice.


“Lovesick” is a British comedy-drama that tells the story of Dylan, a man who must contact all of his past sexual partners after being diagnosed with chlamydia. As he navigates his way through awkward encounters and complicated relationships, Dylan learns valuable lessons about love, friendship, and growing up.

What sets “Lovesick” apart from other romantic comedies is its unique narrative structure. Each episode takes us back in time to Dylan’s past relationships, allowing us to understand his journey and the impact each person has had on his life. The show’s charming cast, including Johnny Flynn and Antonia Thomas, brings the characters to life with their relatable performances. “Lovesick” is a hidden gem that will make you laugh, cry, and reflect on the complexities of love.

Great News

“Great News” is a sitcom that follows the life of Katie Wendelson, a news producer whose world is turned upside down when her overbearing mother gets an internship at her workplace. Created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, the show combines workplace comedy with family dynamics, resulting in a hilarious and heartwarming series.

The standout performance in “Great News” comes from Andrea Martin, who plays Carol, Katie’s eccentric and meddling mother. Her comedic timing and larger-than-life personality steal the show in every scene she’s in. With its witty writing and lovable characters, “Great News” is a feel-good comedy that deserves more recognition.

Skin Wars: Fresh Paint

If you’re a fan of reality competition shows, “Skin Wars: Fresh Paint” is a must-watch. This spin-off of the original “Skin Wars” series focuses on body painting artists who compete in various challenges to showcase their incredible skills. Hosted by RuPaul, the show celebrates creativity and pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved with body art.

Each episode of “Skin Wars: Fresh Paint” introduces viewers to a new group of talented artists and takes them on a journey as they create stunning works of art. The competition is fierce, and the artistic techniques on display are truly awe-inspiring. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or simply enjoy watching talented individuals showcase their craft, “Skin Wars: Fresh Paint” is a binge-worthy show that will leave you in awe.


“Younger” is a comedy-drama series that follows the life of Liza Miller, a recently divorced 40-year-old woman who pretends to be 26 in order to land a job in the highly competitive world of publishing. As Liza navigates the challenges of maintaining her secret identity and finding love, the show explores themes of ageism, friendship, and self-discovery.

The charismatic and talented Sutton Foster leads the cast of “Younger” with her portrayal of Liza. Her chemistry with co-stars Hilary Duff and Nico Tortorella creates a dynamic and engaging ensemble. With its witty writing, relatable characters, and a healthy dose of romance, “Younger” is a binge-worthy show that will keep you entertained from start to finish.

Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23

“Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23” is a sitcom that follows the story of June Colburn, a naive and optimistic young woman who moves to New York City for a dream job, only to have her life turned upside down when she becomes roommates with the manipulative and unpredictable Chloe. With its sharp humor and unconventional characters, this show offers a fresh take on the classic roommate comedy genre.

Krysten Ritter shines as Chloe, the titular “B” in the apartment. Her portrayal of the morally ambiguous and unapologetically quirky character is a delight to watch. The show’s mix of comedy and drama keeps viewers on their toes, never quite knowing what outrageous situation will unfold next. “Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23” is a hidden gem that deserves more recognition for its bold and irreverent storytelling.

The Mindy Project

“The Mindy Project” is a romantic comedy series created by and starring Mindy Kaling. The show follows the life of Mindy Lahiri, a skilled OB/GYN with a chaotic personal life. With its sharp writing, lovable characters, and clever pop culture references, “The Mindy Project” is a binge-worthy show that will make you laugh, cry, and reflect on the ups and downs of love and career.

Mindy Kaling’s portrayal of Mindy Lahiri is the heart and soul of the show. Her comedic timing and relatable portrayal of a flawed yet endearing character make her instantly likable. The chemistry between the cast members, including Chris Messina and Ed Weeks, adds depth and humor to the show’s witty dialogue. If you’re in the mood for a feel-good romantic comedy with a strong female lead, “The Mindy Project” is the perfect choice.

Peep Show

“Peep Show” is a British sitcom that takes a unique approach to storytelling by giving viewers a first-person perspective of the main characters. The show follows the lives of Mark and Jeremy, two mismatched roommates who navigate the complexities of adulthood and friendship in hilarious and cringe-worthy ways.

The brilliance of “Peep Show” lies in its unconventional narrative style and its ability to capture the inner thoughts and insecurities of the characters. The show’s dark humor and relatable situations make it a standout among other sitcoms. David Mitchell and Robert Webb deliver exceptional performances as Mark and Jeremy, bringing their flawed and relatable characters to life. If you’re looking for a show that pushes the boundaries of traditional sitcoms, “Peep Show” is a hidden gem that deserves your attention.

You’re the Worst

“You’re the Worst” is a dark romantic comedy series that challenges traditional notions of love and relationships. The show follows the lives of Jimmy and Gretchen, two self-destructive and emotionally unavailable individuals who find themselves drawn to each other despite their flaws.

What sets “You’re the Worst” apart from other romantic comedies is its honest and unapologetic portrayal of flawed characters. The show explores themes of mental health, commitment, and the complexity of human emotions with rawness and authenticity. Chris Geere and Aya Cash deliver powerful performances as Jimmy and Gretchen, capturing the nuances of their characters’ emotional journeys. “You’re the Worst” is a binge-worthy show that will make you laugh, cringe, and question the very nature of love.


“Revenge” is a thrilling drama series that combines elements of mystery, revenge, and high society. The show follows Emily Thorne, a young woman who returns to the Hamptons with a secret agenda: to exact revenge on those who wronged her and her father years ago. With its intricate plot twists, glamorous setting, and complex characters, “Revenge” is a binge-worthy show that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Emily VanCamp delivers a strong and compelling performance as the show’s protagonist, Emily Thorne. Her transformation from a vulnerable young woman to a cunning and manipulative mastermind is captivating to watch. The show’s gripping storyline and well-developed characters make it a must-watch for fans of suspenseful dramas. If you’re in the mood for a show that combines high-stakes drama with a touch of glamour, “Revenge” is the perfect choice.

In conclusion, these underrated TV shows offer a refreshing break from the mainstream options that dominate our screens. From heartwarming comedies to gripping dramas, each of these shows has something unique to offer. So, the next time you’re looking for a new series to binge-watch, give one of these hidden gems a chance. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

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